Photos from the 1950’s & 60’s

Mission Statement:
To provide the core products as well as the newest and most innovative products that our Wholesale Partners need to service industries that include Tobacco, Grocery, and Convenience Stores with a focus on customer service and expedited delivery.

Our Vision:
To be an organization dedicated to creating life-long customer relationships by ensuring superior value and consistently delivering extraordinary service.

Core Values:
1. Working ethically to earn the Trust of every customer
2. Dedicated to the daily pursuit of achieving Excellence in customer service
3. Provide superior Value

Operating Principals:

  • Offer our Wholesale Partners the most specialized buying experience in the industry by enabling them to expand to product lines from multiple manufacturers while placing only one order
  • Provide our customers with flexibility in ordering, offering quantity purchases that fit their needs to achieve heightened inventory and cash flow management
  • Ensure our customers have the most current product information to make the best decision possible for their business
  • Deliver superior value by offering every day low prices and passing additional discounts from our vendors on to the customer
  • Ship orders that are processed by 12:00pm EST with accuracy the same day with a one or two day delivery to 80% of our customers
  • Never compete with our Wholesale Partners by selling direct to Retail Accounts
  • Do what we say we will do when we say we will do it

Company History
Max Sessions started Sessions Specialty Company in Winston-Salem, NC in 1946 after serving his country for 4 years in the US Army Air Force. He was a brilliant and honorable family man that led many industry changes in the wholesale distribution of general merchandise. One thing that did not change is the foundation on which he built the business. That is to be truthful with all those concerned, honest and accurate with every transaction while valuing your customers as your partners.

Steve Sessions joined his father in 1974 and began establishing brands of high quality general merchandise in order to be our customer’s exclusive source for their growing needs.

Successful long term relationships with domestic manufacturers led Sessions Specialty Company to be selected by many USA factories to distribute their health and beauty care, automotive and other convenience store products to nationally.

Shortly after expanding to our present location in Lewisville, NC, Ben Sessions came to give solid direction to the company’s future. Ben had the benefit and privilege of working with his grandfather, Max Sessions, a few years before our founder passed at 99 in 2013. Ben has successfully added several product categories broadening our company’s range of distribution while staying focused on providing the best service and products for our customer’s financial success.