Rock Candy Crystal Sticks 36’s

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Why settle for one flavor of rock candy when you can have them all?! Our assorted crystal sticks tub gives you a little bit of everything so you never have to settle. Each includes a disposable wooden stick and a generous helping of gorgeous sugar crystals. They come individually wrapped so each stick stays fresh and ready to eat. Give guests something sweet to enjoy with our assorted rock candy crystal sticks!

Few candies we sell are more time-honored than rock candy. This is one of the oldest candies in the books, delighting sweet tooth cravings for generations! And you can bet that this love is still going strong, today. If you grew up eating rock candy, or have rediscovered your love for this everlasting candy favorite, then it’s high time that you placed your order for our Rock Candy on a Stick Jar!

The perfect companion for any rock candy lover, our Rock Candy on a Stick Jar will make your world a whole lot sweeter. This retro-style jar contains 36 individually-wrapped rock candy sticks in seven bold and vibrant colors. So whether you like pink, purple, light blue, red, clear, blue, or lime green, there’s bound to be one for you. Each rock candy stick stands approximately 6″ tall and weighs in at .8 oz. You know you can’t resist ’em. So place your order, today!

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