Fuel Medz 6 Count Blister Pack #FM-0110

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The Fuel Medz™ pill is a unique patented technology that was developed to provide and maintain a catalytically active surface coating in the combustion chambers of your engine. What this means to you is more miles per gallon by making better use of the fuel delivered; thus improving your fuel economy and reducing “green house gases”. The Fuel Medz™ product has been demonstrated in both laboratory and road studies to increase octane, prevent valve recession from starting, stop valve recession that has already begun, reduce combustions chamber deposits, improve emission performance, improve anti-knock efficacy, while providing environmental and toxicological acceptability. The Fuel Medz™ pill has a catalytic action that inhibits the formation of engine deposits that are harmful to the performance and durability of your engine. This is why, when using the Fuel Medz™ pill, you will extend and enhance the life of your engine. The Fuel Medz™ technology has undergone rigorous testing and is registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Fuel Medz™ treats Diesel, Premium and Unleaded Fuels. One pill treats up to 12-22 gallons of Gas or Diesel.

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