Advil PM Caplets 50/2’s

Each Dispense Box Comes With 50 Packets of 2 AdvilPM. Each Case Comes With 24 Boxes Per Case



Why Advil PM?

The two active ingredients in Advil PM products, ibuprofen and Diphenhydramine, work to relieve the pain that keeps you up and helps your body get the restorative sleep it needs. These two ingredients have a long history of safe and effective use when used as directed. Ibuprofen has been available for over-the-counter use for over 35+ years and Diphenhydramine has been used for over 50 years.

How Is Advil PM Different?

Advil PM is the only brand offering an exclusive patented bi-layer formula. With its unique composition, Advil PM Caplets consist of a layer of ibuprofen and a layer of Diphenhydramine.

If you prefer Liqui-Gels, rest assured – Advil PM Liqui-gels is our own branded nighttime pain reliever in a liquid capsule form that rushes liquid fast pain relief where it hurts to help you sleep the whole night.*

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