Auto Guard Brake Cleaner 13 OZ #701152

13 OZ Can Sold 12 Cans Per Case

SKU: AU085
CASE QTY - 1 dz
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Specially Formulated to Powerfully Clean Without the Use of Ozone-Depleting Chemicals.

Autoguard Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner is specially formulated to powerfully clean without the use of ozone depleting chemicals. Provides an effective alternative to chlorinated products. Helps meet and improve
workplace air quality standards.
Spray directly on brake parts. Allow to air dry. For use on brakes and brake pads only. Do not use on electric motors or other electrical appliances or equipment. Do not spray on automobile finish. May be harmful to plastics. Protect painted surfaces, rubber and plastic parts from liquid stream and overspray.

• Removes brake fluid, oil and brake dust instantly
• Use directly on pads, linings, and other friction parts
• Contains no chlorinated solvents
• Contains no CFC propellants
• Leaves no residues
• Easy to use


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