Blunteffects 1 OZ Spray Assorted 18’s

18 Assorted 1 OZ Sprays to a Counter Display

SKU: AF018


These concentrated room sprays feature 100 percent natural scents; plus, they are easy to use and store in your nightstand. Try our different scents, such as Big Daddy , Gardenia, Black Friday,  Baby Powder, and so many more.

18 Assorted 1 OZ Sprays to a Counter Display:

Birthday Cake – Birthday Cake is a blend of sweet and creamy scents topped with a hint of cinnamon!

Money on My Mind – Money on my Mind® means it’s time to GRIND! A clean scent boosted by earthy woody notes with a spaz of green floral’s.

Coconut – Coconut is a fresh, milky coco blend with a creamy floral note. It’s one that will take you to the Islands!

Big Daddy – Big Daddy® is twisted with citrus, woody and musky notes. This fragrance can make anyone feel like a BOSS!

Tobacco & Leather – Tobacco & Leather blend is an earthy and woodsy blend with notes of tobacco, spice, and musk.

Black Friday – Black Friday™ is a sweet floral blend of fresh lilies with a hint of citrus.

Hippie Hemp – Hippie Hemp is an earthy scent with notes of lime, lemon, hemp, green leaves and patchouli. This scent is a unique one for sure!

Sweet Pea – Sweet Pea is a floral scent with fresh sweet pea flowers combined with lily, rose and gardenia floral notes.

Black Onyx – Black Onyx® is one of our best-selling scents! Its mysterious and oriental blend is topped with top notes of Melon, Grapefruit, and Lemon.

Citrus Delight® is a tart and tangy blend with hints of grapefruit.

Baby Powder – Baby Powder is a soft, fine-grained scent fused with fresh roses and white lilies. A perfect sweet powdery scent!

Gardenia – Gardenia is a blend of gardenia jasmine and fresh roses.

Black Hash & Herbs – Black Hash & Herbs® is a magical fragrance infused with sweet & musky notes.

VooDoo Love – Voodoo Love® is so intense, you might just fall in love. Its clean and light properties resemble a masculine scent; however, it is not spicy nor musky.

Lemon Lime – Lemon Lime is a blend of sweet lemons, tart limes, and a hint of vanilla.

Peach – Peach is a sweet and simple scent of Georgia peaches.

Sandalwood Vanilla – Sandalwood Vanilla is a deep warm vanilla blend with sweet musk, amber and top notes of sandalwood

Forbidden Fruit – Forbidden Fruit® is a spiced blend of apples , peaches and berries.