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Some days suck. Some days don’t. On those days, we recommend taking your snack routine up a notch, or ten. Peppered Beef Jerky, made with 100% beef and seasoned with cracked black pepper, can help you power through every day with a little extra kick.

Sucky days and epic battles have always been a thing. Ask the Mongol Warriors. We did. They ate meat to help them power through and pick it up a notch. When your day requires an extra kick, spice up your snack routine with Jack Link’s Peppered Beef Jerky. Would you expect anything less from us? We’re getting hot just thinking about it.


  • Smoky, meaty with notes of black pepper and slight heat that lingers
  • 9g of protein and 80 calories per serving
  • Marinated in our signature seasoning blend with an added kick of cracked black pepper, it’s then slow cooked over hardwood smoke
  • No added nitrates or nitrites except for those naturally occurring in sea salt and cultured celery extract.
  • Snack-drawer savvy, lunchbox-ready and the perfect backpack addition