Jack Links Sweet & Hot 1.25 OZ #48643 10’S


SKU: JL103
CASE QTY - 6 ds



Swipe right! The perfect date = sweet AND hot. You get the sweet, you get the hot, you get the meat. Our Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky delivers the best of both worlds.

What we have here is the best of both worlds. Heat and sweet. Lean cuts of 100% premium beef are marinated with a special blend of smoky sweet red chili and black pepper which build for an unforgettable chili heat perfectly balanced with a touch of sweet. Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky. We’d marry it.

GOOD SOURCE OF PROTEIN: With 9g of protein and 80 calories per serving, Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky helps keep you satisfied. Even through long dates.

GOES WHERE YOU GO: Throw it in your purse, fanny pack or murse (man purse). All are acceptable and perfect for Sweet & Hot Beef jerky. Ready-to-eat when you’re ready to eat.

MADE WITH 100% BEEF: Each bag of Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky is made with 100% premium beef, marinated for hours and then slowly cooked over hardwood smoke. No nitrates or nitrites except for those naturally occurring in sea salt and cultured celery extract.