Jack Link’s Hickory Bacon Jerky 2.85 OZ 8’s

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Bacon. For some it’s a passion. For others, it’s an obsession. We don’t mean to be bold, but our bacon delivers a bold, slightly sweet, smoky flavor you can’t get anywhere else. Our thick-cut slices of 100% pork slow cooked over hickory smoke could win a Nobel Peace Prize. No more limiting bacon to breakfast and sandwiches. Let the bacon-peace prevail!

MADE WITH 100% PORK: Thick-cut slices of real bacon slow cooked over hickory. Each piece is infused with that sweet, yet savory deliciousness that brings out the epitome of bacon flavor.

GOOD SOURCE OF PROTEIN: With 11g of protein per serving, our Hickory Smoked Bacon Jerky is a great snack option. Trans-fat free, and made with real, premium ingredients.

GOES WHERE YOU GO: Ready-to-eat and in a handy resealable bag. That means bacon in a big rig, bacon while you’re DJing, bacon while you’re hang gliding or bacon while you’re computing. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon.