Kidsmania Soda Cans 12’s


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Case Qty - 12 ds
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“The yummiest six pack you’ll ever try! This fizzy soda candy comes in a pack of 6 mini soda cans and 4 different flavors to try! Perfect for sharing, or to have all on your own!”

Kidsmania Soda Can Comes With 12 Candy Items Per Display, 12 Displays Per Case

Kidsmania soda can fizzy candy, 1.48-ounce cans in a unique novelty candy that resembles six packs of miniature soda cans. Small plastic soda cans filled with assorted flavored sugar pellets. There are 4 flavors available: Grape Splash, Lemon-Lime Sprint, Orange Crash and Loca Cola.

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Weight 31.57 lbs
Dimensions 20.5 × 14.5 × 9.5 in

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