Little Tree Classic Assortment 24 Count Strips

Little Tree Car Freshener “Classic Assorted”

24 Trees Per Strip. 12 Strips Per Case

SKU: AF700
CASE QTY - 12 st
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New Car Scent

Give your vehicle a tune-up with the rich scent of a brand new car.


The sweet scent of ripe, freshly-picked strawberries for preserves.


The rich and intoxicating scent of real leather, soft to the touch with a smooth grain texture and perfect stitch.


An irresistible fusion of creamy vanilla, coconut milk, and sugarcane.

Royal Pine

A classic for over 60 years, enjoy this invigorating evergreen aroma that will transport you to the great outdoors.

Black Ice

A mysteriously enticing masculine blend of citrus and woods.

Additional information

Weight 5.15 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 22 in

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