Little Trees Tree Top 6 Strip 24’s

6 each: Black Ice, Vanillaroma, New Car, Bayside Breeze, Caribbean Colada and True North

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CASE QTY - 6 st
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Black Ice

A mysteriously enticing masculine blend of citrus and woods.

New Car Scent

Give your vehicle a tune-up with the rich scent of a brand new car.


An irresistible fusion of creamy vanilla, coconut milk, and sugarcane.

Bayside Breeze

The refreshing scent of crisp apple and summer melon carried by a gentle coastal breeze.

Caribbean Colada

An escape to a tropical island with juicy pineapple and sweet coconut.

True North

Inspired by Canada’s scenic snow-capped mountains, True North blends crisp, arctic air with frosted pine needles.