Midol Complete 25’S

25 Individually Wrapped 2 Packs. 24 Boxes Per Case

UPC: 6-55708-01842-2



Provides up to six hours of multi-symptom period relief so you can get back to being you.


You feel it coming on. But this time you’re not worried. Pick up your Midol® Complete and be on your way to relief from period symptoms, including cramps, bloating, fatigue, water-weight gain, backache, muscle ache and headache.

Product Details:

  • Up to six hours of period symptom relief
  • Relieves period cramps, bloating, water-weight gain, fatigue, muscle ache, backache and headache
  • Contains acetaminophen (a pain reliever), as well as caffeine (a diuretic) and pyrilamine maleate (an antihistamine) to fight fatigue and bloating
  • Available in easy-to-take caplets or gelcaps
  • Recommended for both adults and children 12 years or older
  • Take two caplets with water every six hours as necessary; do not exceed six caplets a day







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