Auto Guard Carb Cleaner 13 OZ #701151

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CASE QTY - 1 dz
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Used to Clean Build-Up Due to Poor Combustion of Fuel.
Vehicles with carburetors build up “sludge”, “varnish”, and other deposits due to poor combustion of fuel. These deposits reduce fuel combustion and cause valves to stick. The linkages on a carburetor can stick causing inefficient operation. Autoguard Carburetor Cleaner is an aerosol blended with selected solvents, carefully formulated to maximize cleaning power.

• Removes Gum, Varnish, Sludge and Carbon Deposits Instantly
13 OZ Can With 12 Cans Per Case

Cleans Carburetor Linkage, PCV Valves and Chokes
• Safe for Oxygen Sensors and Catalytic Converters
• No Chlorinated Solvents


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