Slime Licker Blue Raspberry and Strawberry 2oz 12’s

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TOXIC WASTE | Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy | 12-Count Display Box with Strawberry & Blue Razz Flavors (2 fl oz Each)

  • 😜This liquid candy gives your taste buds a sour explosion as you roll your tongue across the sphere-shaped top.
  • 😜These candies pack the sour punch and will leave you puckered up for sure.
  • 😜Slime Lickers come in an assortment of Blue Raspberry and Strawberry flavors, but be forewarned; this is NOT your everyday sweet fruity candy.
  • 😜Get big candy flavor with slime licker sour rolling liquid candy, and tons of it in this size!

Our World Famous Slime Lickers® are finally available ! Slime Lickers® were inspired by Professor Sauernoggin’s desire for a medium-sour rolling liquid candy to paint his tongue with. Little did he know, the great flavor of this candy would transform him back into Mr. Toxie Head. The problem is, he can’t decide which flavor is his favorite: Strawberry or Blue Razz.